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History of the AHS

The Australian Herpetological Society (AHS) was founded, as the Australian Reptile Club, in 1949 and was the first natural history society in Australia devoted specifically to herpetology.

In its early days the Society drew together such names as Roy Mackay, Bill Hosmer, John and Ken Dwyer, Henry Hirschorn, Rusty Holmes, Wal Lorking, Neville Burns, and Kevin Budden (the latter was soon to die from a taipan bite when collecting specimens for an attempt to develop an antivenene).

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AHS Committee

Chris Williams
Mitchell Hodgson
Vice President
Rachael Durrant
Bob King
Frank Valckenborgh
Field Trip Coordinator
Glenn Shea
Robert Hynson
Membership Officer
Anthony Stimson
HCN Representative
Amy Smart
Diversity Officer
Kane Durrant
Lizz K
Tyson Genc
General Committee
Andrew Melrose
General Committee
Dane Trembath
General Committee


The following committee members (shown below) currently hold scientific licenses which allow them to set up & conduct field herping and surveying trips. These trips are for AHS members only and have limited spaces.

Members: Please take a look at the Field Trips page to view upcoming trips and register your interest.
Bob King
Glenn Shea
Frank Valckenborgh
Field Trip Coordinator
Reptile licensing is in a constant state of flux over many states and territories in Australia. For this reason any information provided here must be taken as a guide only. If interested in keeping reptiles, you need to contact the relevant wildlife licensing authority in your state. There is no consistency between the states. For instance, while some states forbid such activities, some states allow wild-collecting of certain species and some states allow sale of reptiles through pet shops.

As of June 2014, the relevant wildlife bodies to contact are as follows.

Simply click on the image/logo for your relevant state to be directed to their website.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

The AHS is a volunteer, not for profit organisation that serves members of the community interested in herpetology. In particular, the AHS aims to disseminate information about the conservation, care, & natural history of reptiles & amphibians. The AHS is committed to providing a safe environment for all members that promotes equity, diversity, & inclusion.

The AHS is also committed to helping & empowering young Australians & where possible, especially indigenous Australians, with an interest in herpetology, with the hope that their passion for reptiles will be beneficial to society or may even lead them to a career in the natural sciences where they may work directly with reptiles.

To ensure a focus on equity & diversity the AHS has a committee portfolio “Equity & Diversity”. The role of this portfolio is to seek ways to promote equity, diversity, & inclusion in the AHS.

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