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If you are new and looking to join the Australian Herpetological Society, please have a look below to see our membership benefits and what it means to be a member of the AHS.
Field Trips


Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts (SMSA) – Mitchell Theatre, 280 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000 starting at 7.30pm. We strive to provide a yearly calendar of expert speakers covering a range of herpetological topics. Some meetings may be at alternative larger venues, particularly for our annual International Speaker evening. Meetings at the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts are free for members, and their families. Non-members are welcome to attend with a $5 cover charge.

Field Trips

The society is privileged to hold a scientific licence that permits the active seeking out of herpetofauna for the purposes of surveying. We are the only herpetological society authorized to undertake such activities. Our field trips are an excellent way of getting out into the bush to learn more about native reptiles and frogs, as well as spending time socialising and learning from other enthusiasts. We also have an ongoing commitment with the Sydney Olympic Park to survey the parklands, and generally hold two half-day surveys each spring. Field trip attendance is only available to members and their families.


Each year we aim to provide a full colour newsletter for our members. We also provide discounted sales of journals (such as Herpetofauna), and books at our meetings.

In addition to the above benefits your membership entitles you and three others (2 adults and 2 children) to one entry at each of the following:

Australian Reptile Park at Somersby on the NSW Central Coast
Symbio Zoo at Helensburgh just south of Sydney
Australian national Zoo at Canberra

To learn more about the society please visit our webpage, while the AHS Facebook Page has the most up to date information about events.

We hope you enjoy being a member of the AHS and wish you ‘happy herping’!

AHS Annual Membership


Please see below for the list of benefits of joining the AHS for $50 per year.

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Benefits of Joining the Australian Herpetological Society (AHS) for $50 a Year:


Access to Monthly Meetings

AHS holds meetings on the 4th Wednesday of every month (excluding December and January). As a member, you have the opportunity to attend these meetings, where you can learn from experts, enthusiasts, and professionals in the field of herpetology.

The Red Bellied Courier

Membership grants you access to the AHS' annual publication, "The Red Bellied Courier." This full-color publication showcases the latest developments in Australian Herpetology, featuring contributions from research scientists, zookeepers, hobbyists, and more. Each issue is substantial, with over 100 pages of valuable content.

Early Access to Publications

Financial members receive their copy of "The Red Bellied Courier" upon release, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest herpetological research and information.

Access to Reptile and Amphibian Library

AHS maintains a substantial library of books related to reptiles and amphibians. As a member, you can borrow books from this collection, providing you with a valuable resource for research, learning, and reference. To borrow books, simply contact the AHS Librarian.

Extended Membership

Membership typically expires at the end of April each year. However, if you join from January 1st, your membership will be valid through the end of April the following year, giving you a full year's worth of benefits.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Membership offers exclusive benefits, such as free entry to prominent wildlife attractions like the Australian Reptile Park, The National Zoo and Aquarium, and Symbio Wildlife Park. These perks alone can result in significant annual savings, totaling over $250, making your $50 membership fee a highly cost-effective choice.

Networking and Learning Opportunities

By becoming a member, you gain access to a community of fellow herpetology enthusiasts, experts, and professionals. This provides excellent networking opportunities and allows you to expand your knowledge and passion for reptiles and amphibians.

Supporting Herpetological Conservation

Your membership fee goes towards supporting the activities and initiatives of the Australian Herpetological Society, including research, education, and conservation efforts aimed at protecting Australia's unique herpetofauna.
In summary, joining the Australian Herpetological Society for just $50 a year offers a range of benefits, including access to informative meetings, valuable publications, a reptile and amphibian library, extended membership, exclusive discounts, networking opportunities, and the satisfaction of contributing to herpetological conservation efforts. It's a cost-effective way to stay engaged with the fascinating world of reptiles and amphibians in Australia while enjoying substantial savings on entry fees to wildlife attractions.

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The Australian Herpetological Society
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Meetings held at:
Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts
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Meetings held on the 4th Wednesday of every month, excluding December and January
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