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Rick Shine Book Launch

Rick Shine Book Launch – August 2022

A new book by Rick Shine!

Book Description

Snakes are creatures of mystery, arousing fear in many people but fascination in a few. Recent research has transformed our understanding of the behaviour and ecology of these animals, revealed their important roles in diverse ecosystems, and discovered new and effective ways to conserve their populations and to promote coexistence between snakes and people. One of the leading contributors to that scientific revolution has been Prof Rick Shine. Based in Australia, whose snake fauna is diverse and often dangerous, his experiences and anecdotes will inspire a new generation of serpent scientists. Spellbinding stories highlight the challenges, frustrations, and joys of discovery, and give the reader a greater appreciation of these often-slandered slithering reptiles.

Key Features

Documents the important role played by a preeminent herpetologist.
Focuses on research conducted in Australia, especially on snakes.
Summarizes highly influential conservation studies.
Explores the ways in which research has deepened our understanding of snakes.

Table of Contents

  1. Boyhood and Adolescence.
  2. Serpents in the Sheep Paddock.
  3. Peering into the Love Lives of Blacksnakes.
  4. Long-Dead Snakes at the Museum.
  5. A Plethora of Pythons.
  6. Between a Rock and a Hard Place.
  7. Snakes in Need of a Defamation Lawyer.
  8. Rough Characters in the Billabong.
  9. Snakes, Rats, and Rainfall.
  10. Science on the Floodplain.
  11. Our Evolving Relationship with Serpents.

Author(s) Biography

Rick Shine has conducted pioneering research on the ecology and conservation of snakes. He has studied many types of snakes in many types of ecosystems, and has revolutionized our understanding and appreciation of these mysterious creatures. His work has resulted in more than a thousand scientific publications, and has attracted numerous national and international awards.

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