The Red Bellied Courier is a large format illustrated journal of around 100 pages with a mix of interesting articles. It is the peak herpetogical journal in Australia with Issue 8 due out later in 2021. While the current issue is only available to members, back issues are available at meetings and in our shop.

Members are encouraged to contribute articles dealing with reptiles and amphibians for the society’s publications.

Listed below are some publications available for viewing and/or download:
Herpetofauna 26th May 2021 | Size: 91 MB
AHS Red Bellied Courier 18th May 2021 | Size: 59 MB
AHS Magazine full update new 18th May 2021 | Size: 8 MB
Herpetofauna-manuscript-instructions1 15th May 2021 | Size: 270 KB
D7555 Book Launch Ticket_Proof1 1st Dec 2017 | Size: 708 KB
Herpetofauna manuscript instructions 16th Nov 2016 | Size: 270 KB
Red Bellied Courier 2013 30th Jan 2014 | Size: 1 MB
Red Bellied Courier 2014 30th Jan 2014 | Size: 1 MB
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