September 2015 – James Baxter-Gilbert

  • September 22, 2015
  • Field Trips
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‘Herpetology and Highways in the Great White North’ with James Baxter-Gilbert

Canada is not necessarily a place one would think of as a herpetological destination; however there are over 43 species of reptile that call ‘The Great White North’ home. Unfortunately, most of these species are listed as imperilled, and for this reason reptile conservation is becoming increasingly important.

Over the last few years James Baxter-Gilbert and his colleagues have been researching the impacts of road-networks on various reptile groups, and have been examining the effectiveness of mitigation measure put in place to lessen the impact roads have on reptiles.

He and his team also helped start a community-based Rattlesnake research project working with the goal to better understand the secret lives of Ontario’s only venomous snake.

James will be speaking about both projects, as well as some of the trial, tribulations, and general adventures that Canadian herpetology entails.

Looking forward to a great night. Hope to see you all there!